To Whom it May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Robert O. Sigur. My relationship with Mr. Sigur spans over twenty-five years. We have had the opportunity to work together in a variety of capacities including several management assignments, sales agency relationships, and in consulting roles.

Over the years, I have watched Bob grow into one of the most highly respected leaders in our industry. During our time together, Bob has demonstrated a no-nonsense approach to the job, skillful execution of his duties and responsibilities and a passion for his work. His enthusiasm is contagious and his impact on people is amazing. All this, has made Bob a very successful and effective executive.

When Bob was President and CEO for Bradshaw his vision and leadership propelled the company from a sleepy slow grow entity to the largest and fastest growing food brokerage organization in the Southern California market. He accomplished this by establishing the vision, communicating effectively, leading by example, demonstrating the upmost integrity, and empowering his people.

Upon leaving Bradshaw, I quickly hired Bob as a consultant to help me create a vision and build a team for Twin Laboratories, the largest vitamin and herb company in the U.S. Today in my role as President and CEO of Mad Croc Brands, Inc, I have asked Bob, once again, to help me turn the company around for profitable and sustainable growth.

I offer my highest recommendation for Bob Sigur, and I would be more than pleased to give the reader of this recommendation any additional information required. Please feel free to call me at 713-906-1794.


Jay F. Smyre
President & CEO