I was initially impressed with Bob Sigur's leadership style when I first met him in as President of Bradshaw, South.  That was over ten years ago, and since that time, my understanding of his talents and admiration for him as an individual has only grown.  

My first exposure to Bob was as one of his prinicipals at Bradshaw.  In that role, what impressed me the most was his ability to relate to people - showing genuine interest in them personally, regardless of their position, whether employees of his company of mine.  He had a unique combination of charisma and approachability that inspired people to follow him.

Those same skills served him well in developing deep and highly valuable relationships with trade customers and others in the industry.  During a period of tremendous change in the industry, Bob became a trusted advisor.

I joined Energizer during a tumultuous period in the sales and marketing agency (food broker) industry.  Faced with significant strategic challenges, I coaxed Bob to join me in a consulting capacity as we developed a new go-to-market model for the Grocery channel.

During this process, I saw a different side of Bob.  I got a chance to witness more closely the way he thinks and approaches problems.  He proved to have keen strategic insights, yet was equally as valuable at injecting pragmatism into the discussion.  In the end, he played a key role in helping us craft a strategy that was hugely successful.  

As we implemented the strategy and subsequent training, his leadership and people skills came out again.  Though officially a consultant, Bob quickly became accepted as a member of the team, and emerged as a valued coach and mentor - not only for me, but for a number of members of my management team.

I've met very few people in my career that can match Bob's integrity, leadership skills, strategic thinking or pragmatc problem solving approach.  I've met none who have it all in the same package.  I can, without hesitation, recommend Bob Sigur for virtually leadership any role he would consider.


Miles P. Faust
General Manager
Energizer Lighting Products
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